Race and Redemption

Developing Richer Language for Diversity with Dorena Williamson

Episode Summary

Dorena Williamson and her husband Chris were pioneers in diverse faith communities when they planted a multiethnic church in the 1990s. Many years - and four grown children - later, Dorena felt called to invest in more intentional and positive messages for kids about God's diverse creation. She is the author of several children's books and shares her wisdom on being present with our kids, giving them "windows and mirrors" to see God's world, how to talk about matters of race in age appropriate ways, and what even adults can learn from picture books. Dorena's gracious heart and infectious joy overflow from this episode!

Episode Notes

Dorena Williamson's current books include ColorFullThoughtFull, and GraceFull, available through Christian book distributors and Amazon. Her forthcoming books include A Celebration Place (to be released via IVPKids November 9 2021) and Crowned with Glory (published by WaterBrook Multnomah in January 2022). Find out more on her website at dorenawilliamson.com.